At Heritage Ltd, we are the exclusive supplier for Roundtower, St Astier and Otterbein Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) products in Northern Ireland. These ranges  along with our mature lime putty plasters and mortars mean we can provide a lime to suit your project's needs.

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Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) products


Saint Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime and derivative products have been produced by the same families since 1851.

RoundTower Natural Hydraulic Building Limes are natural products for building restoration and conservation.

Otterbein range of Natural Hydraulic Limes CALCIDUR® NHL 2, CALCIDUR® NHL 3.5 & HYDRADUR® NHL 5.


Secil provide a range of Natural Hydraulic limes and insulating lime plasters.


Lime Putty


Our lime putty has been matured for a minimum of 4 months and is available in 20ltr tubs, or in bulk bags for mixing with appropriate aggregates on site. 


Various grades of premixed lime putty plasters and mortars are available in tonne bags for collection or delivery to site.


Made on premise using our mature lime putty. In its natural state, it has a subtle creamy/white colour but is also available in a range of naturally pigmented colours.


A premix blend of fine aggregate and lime putty supplied in 25kg sealed bags for internal finish coats.  


Vicat Prompt Natural Cement 


A clear ochre-colored natural cement that binds and sets quickly. It can be used to gauge traditional lime mortars and plasters, as well in situations that require rapid setting, waterproofing or exceptionally high compressive strengths.