Lime Wash paints are one of the most vapour permeable (breathable) decorative finishes and as such, are perfect for traditional lime renders and plasters.

They provide a unique and beautiful finish available in traditional white and a range of naturally pigmented colours. When carefully made and applied, it can be astonishingly beautiful and long lasting.

How does it work?

Lime washing is the final step in the ‘lime process’ providing a sacrificial coating which protects the lime render or plaster below. It also unifies new work and consolidates any hairline cracks which may have appeared during curing.

It sets slowly by a process of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air; a process known as carbonation. During the process, crystals of calcite form which have a dual refractive index; light entering each crystal is reflected back in duplicate. This results in a wonderful surface glow characteristic not found in other decorative finishes.

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